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LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x

LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x based on OpenNI2 is the new SDK developed and covered by LIPS® in its 3D Depth Cameras Portfolio.
A common development framework, structure and tool repository, reducing development time with interfaces and example codes for major Industrial Frameworks and Applications
A single download All-in-One package which contains:
  • LIPSedge™ SDK Samples
  • LIPSedge™ SDK Wrappers
  • OpenNI2 based Tools & Source Code
  • NiViewers Utilities
  • OpenNI2 Programming API
    • and more

LIPSedge™ SDK Code Samples, Language Wrappers & Frameworks

  • LIPSedge™ SDK (Link)
    • Languages: C++, Python, Java, C# .NET
    • Frameworks: GenICam (for Halcon/Aurora Vision), ROS, ROS2
    • NVIDIA Isaac: Additional references are present in respective User Guides
    • Libraries: OpenCV
  • LIPSFace™ SDK (Link)