Depth Image

What is Depth Image?

In 3D imaging, an image is represented in a 2D that contains information relating to the distance of the surfaces of scene objects from a viewpoint.

Depth Map

The output for such distances in an image can be represented using different colors with cameras when equipped with color sensors, usually calling the output as “Depth Map”.


Another type of output is using a “Point Cloud”, which is an image in 3D mostly unstructured and composed of many distributed points.

What is Depth Image Quality?

Depending on the technology used in 3D cameras, the need for establishing if the output can satisfy application use-cases is necessary.

The evaluation of the depth image can be made quantitatively, such as using predefined metrics or qualitatively by using visual clues. Typically, quantitative metrics are preferred for simplified scenes and controlled conditions and qualitative assessment is used in arbitrary or complex scenes.

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