• Support for Ubuntu 20.04

  • Depth-IR frame sync

  • Re-connect camera after lost

  • Maximum frame rate up to 60 FPS for customized models (DL only)

  • Consume less system memory when running NiViewer in Windows


  • DL RGB camera FoV is wrong when resolution sets to 16:9 FHD

  • IR frame problem if HW Accel (OCL or CUDA) is enabled

  • NiViewer abort problem if HW Accel is enabled

  • 55% boot time enhanced, boot time reduced from 18s to 8s


  • Termination for OpenNI V16.04 support



  • Support for NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Module

  • Support for OpenCV V3.4.1

  • Support for system tools execution and sample code compilation on Ubuntu 18.04

  • Support for new “Standby Mode” through Ni2PowerTest Ni2PowerTest sample code added


  • Resolution inconsistency between LIPS SDK for Windows / Linux

  • Streaming failure withGPU acceleration with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Module


  • Termination for OpenNI V1.5

  • Termination for OpenCV V3.1 support

  • Termination for system tools execution and sample code compilation on Ubuntu 14.04

  • Recommended compiling tools changed from Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (VC12) to Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (VC14)

Known Issues:

  • Display of depth images with zigzag edges during image streaming with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Module

  • Failure to show warning messages for mid-streaming USB cable detachment

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