LIPS depth cameras are NVIDIA Isaac certified and compatible with latest NVIDIA Isaac SDK. Supporting JetPack 4.6.1 and multiple Jetson platform.

Setup ISAAC SDK and LIPS ISAAC wrapper

  • Download the latest Isaac SDK on NVIDIA website. Unzip the sdk. Run install_dependencies.sh in the sdk folder.

tar zf isaac-sdk-20210609-e336b5195.tar.gz
[path to sdk]/engine/engine/build/scripts/install_dependencies.sh
  • Download ISAAC wrapper

git clone https://github.com/lips-hci/stereo_ae400
  • Open WORKSPACE file in the wrapper we just clone. Replace the com_nvidia_isaac_engine and com_nvidia_isaac_sdk path value to where the Isaac sdk is.

  • Compile sample app

cd stereo_ae400
bazel build //app/ae400_camera
  • Run sample app

bazel run //app/ae400_camera

Open browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000

Camera IP configuration

The default camera ip configuration is located at /usr/etc/LIPS/lib/network.json. You can change the default camera ip in config/network.json

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