Installation Example

This is the new LIPSedge™ SDK 1.x


Quick Start

  • Unzip downloaded SDK, launch the installer.

  • Follow the installer to finish installation.

  • After installation, a SDK directory is create on the desktop.

  • AE400 / AE450 has default IP address Make sure you config your host machine to the same local network.

  • You can access AE400 / AE450 web admin page using any browser with camera IP address. If you can access admin page, the host and camera is connected.

  • Use NiViewer to view camera video feed.

  • If you changed camera's IP address in admin page, make sure to change the network settings in C:\Program Files\LIPSedge Camera SDK\OpenNI2\Tools\OPENNI2\Drivers\network.json before launching NiViewer.

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